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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

It's been a while since I posted something here. One of the reasons for that is that, being a freelance writer, I'm often busy with more than one project at the same time, and that's defintely been the case just lately - working on a new play, writing an arts council bid for a grant to stage a production of another play, and co-directing rehearsals for yet another. All these creative endeavours are pretty time consuming and have meant I've left this novel kicking its heels at the back of the room. Added to that is a certain despondency at the fact that despite my efforts over the past six months, I haven't been able to raise any new pledges. I will admit that at some point just after Christmas I began to wonder if the book was actually any good and worth my while bothering with any more. However, having recently re-read a few sections of it, and been pleasantly surprised that it still has the power to stir my imagination - and if it doesn't stir the writer's imagination, it certainly won't stir anyone else's - I've decided to take a breath and take the plunge once more. So, any of you reading this, if you haven't made a pledge to help fund the novel yet, please do take a few moments to take take a look at the synopsis, read the extract, and then seriously consider making a pledge. And those of you who have already pledged, perhaps you could urge others yet again to do the same, or, if you're feeling particularly generous, make a second pledge yourself. Am I being cheeky asking that? I suppose I am. But having a bit of cheek is what this crowdfunding game is all about.





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