The House of Fiction

By Phyllis Richardson

A cultural exploration of British houses in fiction from Shandy Hall to Manderley

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Ellangowan Castle, from Scott's Guy Mannering

Happy to find an image of Caerlaverock Castle on, which Scott mentions in a footnote to Guy Mannering as the model for his description of Ellangowan Caslte: 'on entering the gateway, he found that the rude magnificence of the inner court amply corresponded with the grandeur of the exterior. On the one side ran a range of windows lofty and large, divided by carved mullions of stone, which had once lighted the great hall of the castle ... The doors and windows were ornamented with rude tracery, partly entire and partly broken down, partly covered by ivy and trailing plants, which grew luxuriantly among the ruins.' 

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