The Hope and Anchor

By Julia Kite

When a vulnerable young woman goes missing, her girlfriend discovers how little she knows of life, love, and London.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Updates and a request...

Hello everybody. I hope you’re enjoying spring. May has been an eventful month - for those of you in the UK, I have a feature in Writing Magazine about how failure ultimately makes your work stronger, and how only by having what I thought were my failsafe plans for life crash and burn was I able to write a more well-rounded book. Also, if you know any readers in the UK, Australia, or Canada who might like The Hope and Anchor, thanks to BookBub they can now get the e-book for only 1.99 in their respective currency, for a limited time. This price drop sent me skyrocketing up the Amazon sales rankings this week! At one point I had the fifth best-selling literary fiction title in Canada, and the 69th of all books on the site, which I will chalk up as a win, no matter how temporary the status!


Finally, if you’ve had the chance to read your copy of The Hope and Anchor, I would be most grateful if you would leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads, as this does make a difference in publicity! I’m writing this update on the subway where I’ve managed to break the heel on one shoe just as the train pulled in, so it would help turn my day around as well!


All the best,


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