The Hope and Anchor

By Julia Kite

When a vulnerable young woman goes missing, her girlfriend discovers how little she knows of life, love, and London.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Editorial update and some current events

Hello Pledgers!

I want to let you know that THE HOPE AND ANCHOR is currently undergoing some final edits as we prepare for publication. Unbound's top-notch editorial team had some brilliant suggestions that I'm working on implementing in order to make the book as strong as possible. You get only one shot at your debut, so I'm determined to do this properly! When you've been immersed in your manuscript for so long, even if you're happy with it, sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see possibilities for what could work even better. I will be finished with these changes by the end of August, after which the manuscript will go through the final copy edits before typesetting, cover design, final proofreading, and all the other steps in creating something you can have and hold. Sometimes book publishing moves at a glacial pace - thank you for your patience!

In the meantime, you might want to read this article from today's New York Times about inequality in London's Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. North Kensington is where a great deal of my book takes place - characters grow up there, get out of there, and find themselves pulled back there whether they like it or not. The Grenfell Tower fire has laid bare the shortcomings in the safety net, but these issues have been present for a long, long time. UK pledgers will probably be very familiar with this analysis in the wake of the tragedy, but I'm pleased that the NYT has brought this to a wider American audience.


All the best,


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