The Hellion

By Harriet Young

A dark, chilling thriller about three of the women accused during the 1612 Pendle Witch Trials

Saturday, 13 March 2021

Release Date


I hope that you are well and enjoying the warmer weather and longer days after a slog of a winter.

This is just a quick email to update you on The Hellion's release date. It has had to be pushed back (one last time!) to April 15th. Finished copies were delayed due to the perfect storm of COVID-19 and Brexit, but they will be arriving imminently. However, retailers need some lead time in order to show them as 'in stock' on release day.

Rest assured you'll be getting your copy/ies soon, and thank you for your patience and support! I hope you enjoy the book and I cannot wait to celebrate the release with you all soon.



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