The Hard Way

By Susannah Walker

An absorbing nature memoir that uncovers the lives of women walking away from home.

Saturday, 5 August 2023


Well this is a good place to be isn't it.  Thanks to all of you, The Hard Way is now fully funded.  I'm so pleased and grateful to everyone who pledged.

As a token of my thanks, have a picture of the end of the road.  This is the sea at Seaton, which is where both the Ridgeway and the Hard Way finish. (Please have as many caveats as you like with that statement).

Of course this is at the same time where they also begin, which is why it's a particularly appropriate picture to share.  Because The Hard Way is now at the start of the publishing process, with quite a few stages to go through before it gets into bookshops.  I'll share a schedule as soon as we have one, and of course keep giving you updates all along the way.

Watch this space...

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