The Happy Hero

By Solitaire Townsend

How to change your life by changing the world

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Help Please You Happy Heroes!

My dearest darling pledgers.

Have you enjoyed The Happy Hero? Who else might enjoy it?

With one click you can help others find The Happy Hero - by reviewing it on Amazon:

Click Here To Review

It's been wonderful hearing feedback from folk I know (and many I don't) about how the book has affected them.

One word reviews are particularly welcome! Amazon algorithms don't read the content - they just count the number. The more reviews = the more people they suggest the book to. My own views on Amazon are mixed. But I know their power to reach people and I'd love the see the book in more hands.

Can we reach 30 reviews? 50? 100?

164 people have pledged so if each of you reviewed...

Thank you so much - and please do reach out with any feedback or thoughts. I'm currently drafting a childrens version of The Happy Hero - so watch this space.

Gushingly grateful for every review - and of course for all my gorgeous pledgers who made any of this possible in the first place. This is your book - let's get more people to read it ;-)

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Elaine Chambers
 Elaine Chambers says:

Hi Soli,
Ashamed to say I’ve not yet read it - I’ve an increasingly long list of books by fellow Unbounders, but I’m gradually working my way through. Rest assured, I’ll most definitely do a review as soon as I can! Good luck xx

posted 26th February 2018

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