The Happy Hero

By Solitaire Townsend

How to change your life by changing the world

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Are you a Gold, Brick or Green?

It’s The Happy Hero’s first birthday! And what a year it's been: reviews in The Sunday Times and Guardian, speaking at the Hay Festival, support from Ellie Goulding, launches in London, Stockholm, New York and Tokyo. And yesterday Radio 4 asked for ‘happy hero’ advice for people to act after the big new report from the IPCC.

Have you had a chance to read the book and discover if you’re a Gold, Brick or Green yet? If so, here are some tips to help celebrate the anniversary!



  • Does your school or local library have a copy of The Happy Hero yet? It’s easy to request they add a copy and people are almost always really happy to be asked
  • Does your book group know about The Happy Hero? This could be the week to read it, and then work together to do something!
  • It’s a lovely idea to donate a copy to local charity shops.
  • Post a quick review on Amazon (one sentence only needed) – it makes a HUGE difference.


  • For the first time the IPCC have called for action from individuals, but so many people are overwhelmed – The Happy Hero is ‘the welcome mat to action’ so get sharing!
  • Which CEO’s and politicians should read it? Let them know.
  • Post a quick review on Amazon (one sentence only needed) – it makes a HUGE difference.

If you’re a greeny-gold, bricky-green or all of the above then please pick your favorite, or do all of them! Amazon reviews make a massive difference - and it's better if they are short!

I would LOVE to give The Happy Hero a boost for its birthday

Thank you for everything!

Soli xxx

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