The Happy Hero

By Solitaire Townsend

How to change your life by changing the world

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Are we there yet?

Very nearly.

The book was written. Then got written a bit more.
There were a few tears, professional levels of procrastination and a fair amount of rum.
The development editors (with great compassion) then suggested 'umm, maybe write this a bit more and stop saying 'nevertheless' so much'.
The rum was nearly enough.
The book was written.
Then the poor copy editor needed a little lay down after dealing with my apostrophes.
The lawyers offered kindly recommendations like 'remove that quote or you'll be sued and all copies of your book will be pulped'.
The cover designer scribbled and painted and twisted himself in paroxysms of creativity. And I said 'ok, but can I see a few more options please'.
And through it all, when the rum had run out and I had sat staring at the screen until I could still see it with my eyes closed, I thought of the pledgers.
The amazing people who believed and supported. That's you by the way (if it isn't you, there is still time - click 'pledge' right now).
By October you'll have a book in your hands with your name proudly displayed within it.
Just don't mention the apostrophes.

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