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How to change your life by changing the world

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Ebook edition

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1st edition paperback and ebook edition

Super Patron (Early Bird Discount) / Special offer / Sold out

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Super Patron Paperback

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1st edition paperback, ebook edition and your name in the list of Super Patrons in the front of the book.

5 Copy Bundle

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5 copies of the 1st edition Super Patron paperback and the ebook edition

Team of Heroes

Pledge as a team! 10 copies of the 1st edition paperback, and ebook edition

VIP Book Launch Invitation

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Everything at Super Patron Paperback level and an invite to the launch party. Music, food, readings, dancing and a few surprises thrown in! Held in London. Only 10 available.

My Heroes

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Everything at Super Patron Paperback Level plus personalized dedication to you on a special ‘My Heroes’ page plus special role at the launch party (to which you’ll be in invited plus 1 guest). Only 8 available.

Hero Workshop

Everything from Super Patron Paperback level plus a one-hour Happy Hero workshop for any business, book-club, school group etc. Including multi-media, Q&A and group exercises. (In London or mutually agreed location) Only 5 available.

SUPERHERO / Sold out

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Action Advocate

Help write part of my book! This reward invites you to write an attributed one page ‘endnote’ encouraging happy heroes to take a specific action of your choice (eat vegetarian, buy green energy, volunteer etc.) – content to be agreed with the author and publisher. Includes Super Patron Paperback, 5 books and party invite.

Only 1 available.