The Good Immigrant

By Nikesh Shukla

21 writers reflect on race in contemporary Britain

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

'When I Saw That UKIP Poster, It Was Like A Racist Attack...'

I always knew this book was important.

But given how immigration has been a bargaining chip in this rotten, violent, offensive referendum campaign, given how the word has been stripped of any relation to actual people and their lived experience, and now all it represents is an 'erosion of Britishness', given how much immigration has done for this country, I realise it's more important than I initially thought.

Last week, when I saw that UKIP poster of brown faces (refugees, FYI, escaping war) and Nigel Farage standing in front of it, like the last line of defence, I felt like it was a racist attack. And I read so many articles from white journalists comparing it to Hitler/Enoch Powell. I didn't see anything from any people of colour. And I wanted to know whether they felt like I did. And I worried what effect this campaign is having on people of colour. So I wrote this letter to them, about the poster, about hope, about how we have to fight. I thought I'd share it with you now here Please read it and share it.

And tell your friends how important this book is.

I really think it is.

If people pre-order before 4th July, they still have a chance to get their name in the back of the book as a supporter, which I guess could be like a pro-immigration petition.

Okay, I'll leave you now. Please read this letter. Please. Especially if you feel fatigued and triggered by the Leave campaign. 

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