The Good Immigrant

By Nikesh Shukla

21 writers reflect on race in contemporary Britain

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Further Reading From All Our Contributors

Hello there

So, you've probably either read The Good Immigrant or are midway through and loving it (I hope). You're thinking to yourself, this is great but where do I get more from the contributors? 

Well, I'm going to list for you below books and records our faithful contributors have worked on. Feel free to get them from bookshops or, if you have to, somewhere electronic that I won't publicly endorse. Either way, please do consider supporting our contributors further. I won't even mention my previous two novels here, OH NO. Just know I've written two other novels.

1) Chimene Suleyman: She wrote a collection of poems about heartbreak, Canary Wharf and loneliness. It's called OUTSIDE LOOKING ON. Buy it from her publisher here

2) Salena Godden has written two poetry collection (FISHING IN THE AFTERMATH and UNDER THE PIER) and a memoir (SPRINGFIELD ROAD (it made me cry, a lot)). She has her own bookshop. Get them here

3) Riz Ahmed is an actor of some renowned. I'm sure you already have FOUR LIONS on DVD, which is weird, because you probably don't even have a DVD player anymore. Anyway, he raps as Riz MC, and as part of Swet Shop Boys. Swet Shop Boys have an album out in October

You can also get Riz MC's state of the nation mixtape ENGLISTAN here

4) Reni Eddo-Lodge has a book out next year called WHY I'M NO LONGER TALKING TO WHITE PEOPLE ABOUT RACE. Look out for it.

5) Bim Adewunmi has a tinyletter called The Fuck Is This

6) Inua Ellams has four poetry collections and six plays all for sale on his website

7) Musa Okwonga released an EP called THE NOMADIC and a collection of poetry, EATING ROSES FOR DINNER

8) Sabrina Mahfouz has a new collection of poetry coming out, called HOW YOU MIGHT KNOW ME. She has written plays too and they are all listed here

9) Nish Kumar is about to go on a nationwide tour with his new show, Actions Speak Louder Than Words Unless You Shout The Words Real Loud. Buy tickets here

10) Himesh Patel is currently starring in Channel 4's DAMNED, on Wednesdays at 10pm.

11) Vinay Patel's plays FREEFALL and TRUE BRITS are available here

12) Vera Chok has a bunch of different plays and shows coming up. Info on tickets is here

13) Kieran Yates is the editor of a zine called BRITISH VALUES. Issue 2 dropping soon here

14) Varaidzo is the arts and culture editor for gal-dem, who has just launched their first print issue here

15) Darren Chetty co-hosts a radio show with the superlative Ty, called REACHING OUT

16) Sarah Sahim has an upcoming podcast called Don't Listen To Us

More coming from us all soon, but this feels like a good start.


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