The Glorious Dead

By Tim Atkinson

A story of love, war and betrayal among the ruins of Ypres - a WW1 tale with a twist

Monday, 24 July 2017

While you're waiting...

You might be wondering what's happening. You'll have seen (of course) the book has 'made it'. And in case you're interested it's now in the hands of the editor. Leaving me feeling ever-so-slightly like a schoolboy waiting for his homework to be marked by the headmaster. 

Some people have been asking how long they'll have to wait to read the book. The answer is... a while. The MS has to go through various stages before its ready, to say nothing of the other things like cover design that have to happen. 

So, while you're waiting why not read this instead? 

It's a very different book to The Glorious Dead. I suppose it still counts as historical fiction but the history is recent - the 1980s - and the subject is the changes to the way mental health is viewed and treated.

It was my first published novel and was quite well-received as such. You can read some reviews here

It's free to download for five days from Wednesday 27th July and if you do and if you like it, do please leave me a review on Amazon or Goodreads (or both!).

In fact even if you don't like it, please leave a review. I love hearing what people think and (usually) learn something from their comments. That's been the best thing about the Unbound publishing model. The chance to interact with readers, in this case before the book is finished. 

To download WT for free click here:


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Jenny Doughty
 Jenny Doughty says:

I'd love to read it Tim, but free it ain't (£1.99 though so inexpensive). Also I'm in the USA and won't let me download it. It's $2.99 on

posted 26th July 2017

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