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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

What a ride! I’m exhausted. But exhilarated too, and very very grateful to everyone who’s pledged, everyone who’s helped spread the word and everyone who’s supported The Glorious Dead in any other way. 

I’ve been constantly surprised by the people who’ve pledged (as well as, occasionally, by those who haven’t). I’ve made new friends. Probably lost a few, too, thanks the relentless need to hustle and hassle for those all-important pledges. To be honest, getting the brush-off from a few people beats the silence that has greeted many of my missives. But then, suddenly, from nowhere, after no response to any of my pleas and no indication of any interest, someone will pledge ‘out-of-the-blue’. 

I don’t think I’ll ever understand crowdfunding. 

But for the next few weeks and months I don’t have to. I have to make sure the book is ready, work with the editor to make it better and do all sorts of other things like liaise with a designer (for the cover). It’s going to be very, very exciting. 

And I’ll keep you posted right here in what used to be the ’Shed’.

See you soon!

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Karon Phoenix-Hollis
Karon Phoenix-Hollis says:

Hi did I read that I could add a dedication in the book ? Wanted to do so for my Grandad who was in WW1 but don't know how to

June 20, 2017

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