The Glorious Dead

By Tim Atkinson

A story of love, war and betrayal among the ruins of Ypres - a WW1 tale with a twist

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Progress report

Yes, progress is being made. Apologies for the lack of news in recent weeks. But things are happening, and have been happening, and it's all been rather busy. 

First, the book has undergone a thorough and extremely valuable structural edit. That's when someone (Scott Pack, in my case) reads the book with a critical eye, making artistic judgments on the story and identifying any inconsistensies. Flaubert famously changes the colour of Emma Bovary's eyes in the eponymous novel of marital disharmony. He should've had Scott as structural editor. No such inconsistencies now exist in The Glorious Dead. (I hope!)

But Scott's job goes much further than just spotting my mistakes. The structural editor takes a fine tooth comb to all aspects of the book - style and substance - and tries to persuade the author that it can be made better. And he did. And it was. He was right, and I can safely say that TGD is now a much better book than in was before he got his hands on it. 

So what next? It's now in the hands of a copy editor. (I know, I know... to many 'eds' - Ed.) This is a more practical stage designed to make sure there are no errors as well as ensuring consistency and making sure the language flows making it a better read. 

After that comes proof-reading, which will be the final stage of correcting before the book goes off for printing. 

It's all very exciting!  

Meanwhile, I've started (another) blog. It's where I'm collecting together some of the historical background information to the story. I'll be marking some of the important annversaries in the run up to the centenary (in 2018) of the Armistice as well as providing some insights into the real people, places and events that inspired 'The Glorious Dead.'

Why not take a look: 

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Dain Keating
 Dain Keating says:

I don't mind the endless postponements and delays, as long as something eventually happens. You read about (and hear on the radio) these things being funded and then the funders hear no more and nothing happens........

posted 3rd October 2017

Marcus Butcher
 Marcus Butcher says:

I'm all for plenty of editing and proof-reading! I find it so frustrating when I start reading professionally published books and quickly start to notice errors that have slipped through...

posted 4th October 2017

Stephen Kinsella
 Stephen Kinsella says:

I get what Diane means but as someone whose wife has done 2 projects with Unbound, and having supported 4 other Unbound books, I can say that they always deliver and it's always worth the wait.

posted 4th October 2017

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