The Ghost Camera

By Robert Llewellyn

A brilliant new Black Mirror-style sci-fi thriller by the star of Red Dwarf and Fully Charged.

Monday, 21 August 2023

The MacGuffin that Works

A quick update on The Ghost Camera book in both text and video form.

In my 'day job,' working on the Fully Charged Show I am lucky enough to meet engineers, battery chemists, physicists and scientists from many fields who are developing new technologies that don't require us to burn fuel to create the things and systems we rely on.

There has been a revolution in new materials and systems that have sprung to life due to the global energy transition.

One of the things I have seen time and time again is a brilliant new technology or system that was so full of promise and hope and was going to save the world and it's amazing and . . . . two years later . .  and nothing happens . . . and it doesn't work.  

And that's it. No one remembers it.

But what if one of these daring or daft new concepts did fail at the tasks they were built for, but did something totally unexpected that shook our perceptions to their foundations.

That is what happens in The Ghost Camera. I follow the journey of a start up company creating a miniaturised device for generating perpetual free energy.

But everything that happens when this fails is the antithesis of the 'device MacGuffin' we have seen in endless sub James Bond action movies.

No one in the book is chased along the carriage roofs of a train travelling through the Alps, but there are twists and turns, a couple of evil characters and quite a collection of socially challenged nerds and boffins. But no car chases, explosions or free running across the rooftops of Milan.

And half the story is told by Morris, the janitor, and he rides a bike.

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Colin Nicholson
 Colin Nicholson says:

Hey, don't be dissing Tom Cruise :-)

posted 21st August 2023

Chris Thomas
 Chris Thomas says:

As a socially challenged nerd myself, I appreciate the representation! :)

posted 21st August 2023

John Davis
 John Davis says:

is there an evil photographer behind the Ghost Camera? ;-)
See you in Vancouver!

posted 25th August 2023

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