So, is this Steampunk?

Thursday, 31 May 2018

I suppose that depends on what Steampunk is to you. The best definition I've seen is that it's Victorian science fiction. I've always thought of it as taking the mannerisms, styles and social customs of Victoriana and either projecting them into the future (or, at least, beyond the 19th Century) or into alternate worlds. With more than a smidge of steam technology, of course.

I've gone the other way with this - instead of Victoriana I've gone with the Baroque period, means more brocade and powdered whigs, fancier dances, and probably slightly less repressed emotion. I've not gone full SF with the setting, making little tweaks here and there to the technology (and one obvious, big tweak off course). I've focused more on the alternate history elements of it, and what diverged to bring technology forward at a much faster rate. One of my writers group coined the phrase 'steam quill' to describe it, and I rather like that. So - this perhaps isn't classic Steampunk in the strictest sense of the word, but I think it probably still fits into the genre.

I've not included anything paranormal or Weird in it, and tried to keep it pretty well grounded in the laws of physics (with one or two little omissions to make the plot work). This is part of a much wider universe and longer timeline and I'm not planning on doing anything mystical in it - quite the opposite, in fact. I might update more on that in due course.

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Graham Gibson
Graham Gibson says:

Actually, rather than 'Steamquill' (a phrase which I think got lost in second-hand translation to the person I initially told it to), the terminology I created for the genre you're writing is 'Quillpunk', a precursor to Steampunk if you will, but more era appropriate. Thusly, the chronology of the punk-related genres would be Quillpunk, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, etc.

June 09, 2018

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