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Monday, 2 July 2018

It's been a busy old month, work wise and so forth. One thing I did find time to do is run a game set in this world, about thirty years before The Frost Fair and following the adventures of a skyship's crew as they find themselves over their heads in intrigue and danger related to the Northumderland Codex. I used some pregenerated characters, but the players really ran with what I gave them and made the characters their own. I really wouldn't be surprised if older versions of some of them make their way into the next instalment. As I'm planning on running more games like it, player actions may also help to influence development of the story. I'm in the process of writing the game up as a short story, that I'll post here along with a blow-by-blow of the game.

Seeing other people play in the world I've created also reminded me how much fun it was coming up with the characters in 'The Frost Fair, and not just the main characters. I didn't want this to be a story of posh folk in fancy frocks having splendiferous adventures with wacky gadgets, though there is certainly an element of that. I wanted it to be quite gritty and dark, and delve into the world the skyships pass over. A big part of fleshing this out was the secondary characters and watching them take on lives of their own and carving out their own piece of the story. This is particularly true of Sir Arthur's Regulators, about whom you will find out more (hopefully) in due course, but also some of the antagonists. 

In short, I wanted to peer into the lives of the people who make the fancy frocks in this Baroquepunk world, not just the people who wear them. I hope I've succeeded.

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Rachel Wright
Rachel Wright says:

Not _too_ gritty and dark, if you don't mind! Wayward with a hint of reality, perhaps?

July 03, 2018

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