The Freewheeling John Dowie

By John Dowie

A memoir about cycling and stand-up comedy

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Update One

Dear All

I am thrilled and heartened by the number of responses and pledges I’ve received so far. Thank you all very much. (If I know you and you haven’t received my personal thanks it’s because (a) I don’t have your email address and (b) I don’t do Twitter because (c) I drink.)

What began as a joyous deluge has now become a (perhaps) more realistic trickle. I am hoping now that word-of-mouth will generate more pledges. To that end, I was pleased to receive an encouraging plug from the British Comedy Guide who printed an extract from the book. Here’s the link. If you’d like to share, please do.

There will be more updates when I have more news. This is not a threat.

Best wishes


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