The Freewheeling John Dowie

By John Dowie

A memoir about cycling and stand-up comedy

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Update Eight

My apologies for the long (and uncharacteristic) silence, which I can now break having received the artwork I’ve been waiting for. 

My idea for a cover was to parody the Bob Dylan album of a similar title, only instead of Bob and his then muse Suzie Rotolo strolling through the streets of Greenwich Village, it would be me (photoshopped presumably) pushing my bike through the same streets. I mentioned this idea to Unbound. Unbound shook its collective head before leading me gently from the room and commissioning the artist Neil Gower, whose work you not only see here, but also on the cover of every Bill Bryson book ever published, so I am in good company at last.

Those fine gentlemen, Stewart Lee and Alan Moore, agreed to read early drafts and provide cover quotes, which charmed and delighted me.

Unbound have chosen April the 5th as the publication date for the trade edition. All those who pledged towards the book will receive a copy around February, which is also the time I will be performing extracts from the book for those brave enough to have commissioned one. 

I can’t begin to tell you how very pleased I am with the way things have gone. I am also very very grateful to you all. Really.


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Tony Bennett
 Tony Bennett says:

Hmmmm. I would have much preferred the Bob Dylan cover pastiche. While appreciating the skill of the illustrator it does look very 50's which is not what your angst-ridden book is about.

posted 11th October 2017

Tony Hannan
 Tony Hannan says:

Presumably you'd like to sell a few – so the cover looks excellent to me. Good luck with it, John. Very much look forward to reading it.

posted 11th October 2017

Brian Montague
 Brian Montague says:

Fucking Hell John, I'm glad there's a date for the book's appearance. I was sixty nine the other day and was ruminating on the fact that I may not have that many birthdays ahead. Not that I'm feeling poorly or anything. Is the above Tony Bennett our friend from the late lamented Knockabout Comics or the stylish old crooner from the USA? Anyway, I hope your fettle is still in the right place and I'm looking forward to buying, reading and smelling your book. Don'tcha love the smell of new books at any time? All the best, Brian. P.s. me and Judy are considering a ride along the Great Glen, have you ever been awheel in Scotland?

posted 11th October 2017

John Dowie
 John Dowie says:

Tony Bennett - I love the cover so there. Tony Hannan - thank you for your kind words. Brian Montague - yes, the above is the comics man; my fettle is fine; not done much of Scotland, just the east coast which was a bit dour and depressing. Let me know how you get on x

posted 11th October 2017

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