The Freewheeling John Dowie

By John Dowie

A memoir about cycling and stand-up comedy

Friday, 9 December 2016


It's done! My sincere thanks to everyone who contributed, especially those who gave so freely of their time, tweeting, emailing, pleading and cajoling until the world caved in and we reached our target. More news will follow. As will a book. Exciting!

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Pierre Hollins
 Pierre Hollins says:

great work! really pleased for you mate. 100%!!! Winner!!!

posted 9th December 2016

Steve Caplin
 Steve Caplin says:

Congratulations! A great achievement.

posted 9th December 2016

Stu Henderson
 Stu Henderson says:

Brilliant stuff, and just in time for Xmas!!!

Congratulaions John

posted 9th December 2016

Brian Montague
 Brian Montague says:

Dear John, Fucking great news about the book and I can now stride the city streets with a new (I helped get John Dowie's book published) confidence. This may well be the best £20 I've ever spent.
Your blogs (is that the word?) were fucking funny. I particularly liked the Lou Reed anecdote.
Your old chum in bicycledom, Brian M

posted 10th December 2016

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