Update #1 & Thank yous

Friday, 25 March 2016

Hello everyone,

It's been 10 days since my campaign launched and I'm up to 15% funding, which is amazing, so I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has pledged so far. Your support means the world to me. In fact, your support means MORE than the world to me. More than the ACTUAL GROUND we walk on. THINK ABOUT THAT.

I still have a long way to go though, so if you have already pledged, please consider sharing my book page (https://unbound.co.uk/books/the-fox-of-richmond-park/) on all your social media channels (If you've already done it, then do it again!) and tell your book-loving friends about it. Tell them I am really nice too. 

If each of you gets me one new supporter, then I could be up to 30% in no time! I'll buy you a drink next time I see you to say thanks. (I will need proof though. I'm not a charity.)

So, as well as whoring myself out to get pledges, I also have to write this book. I have done pretty well this week thanks to a donation of a small laptop which actually holds a charge for longer than 10 minutes. (Thank you Nate).

This week I have been using my lunch hours to squeeze in an hour of writing each day, in the cafe upstairs in the Richmond branch of Waterstones. (Thank you Waterstones). I can usually be seen with either a slice of their carrot cake, or a salted caramel brownie, depending on my mood.

The last few days have seen the addition of a pair of gay otters, which may or may not be a first in literature. Who knows. I hope to get to the racist pigeon character this week, which should be fun. This is the perfect opportunity for one of you to peldge to name him or her after someone you hate. Just think, you could immortalise your worst enemy in a book as a bigoted, disease ridden pest FOREVER. You know you want to.

Finally, a big thank you to Jesus for the glorious 4-day weekend. I have a large supply of chocolate eggs (Thank you mum) to get me through. 

Have a great long weekend everyone, and don't forget to share my page with your friends!


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