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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Hi all, and big thanks and hello to all my lovely new pledgers :)

I am hovering at 19%, so once again I ask you to share my page with all your animal loving friends. This can be done via Twitter, Facebook, email, strategically placed post-it, shaved into a llama... It's all good. A bump up to 20% would really make my week.

So, just a quick update... Fellow Unbound Author Tim Atkinson has kindly hosted me on his blog and published a guest post written by me:

There's a bit more detail about my book and my thought process, so go have a read and share with your friends :)

Tim's book is called The Glorious Dead and is the fictional story of a group of soldiers who remained in France and Flanders following the Armistice, who served their King and country with a shovel and who found and buried the thousands of bodies abandoned on the road to victory. It is the story of men living among the destruction, death and decay of the so-called ‘war to end all wars’.

Have a read of it here:

Thanks! Kate

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