A Blast from the Past

Thursday, 16 February 2017

If you have read my author bio on my Unbound page, you may remember the following statement:

"When Kate Dreyer was seven years old she wrote a children's book optimistically titled 'Animal Story 1', in which a young girl rescues a fox. She bound it herself using a cereal box as a hardback cover." 

You may have thought this an adorable lie to encourage pity-pledges for my novel, but yesterday a box of childhood memories was brought to my house by my mother and inside -- amongst old school work, Spice Girls Impulse body spray, and insane letters from my friend Charlotte -- was my cereal box animal story.

I got the title slightly wrong and I was nine, not seven, when I released this glorious object unto the world, but here it is in all it's felt-tipped glory:

Read the full post on my blog here: https://www.katedreyer.co.uk/blog/what-a-difference-20-years-makes

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