The Fall of the House of Murdoch

By Peter Jukes

A polemical, personal but exhaustively detailed account of the fall of the House of Murdoch

Monday, 19 March 2012

Much to report

The book - now retitled simply the Fall of the House of Murdoch is half finished and will be ready by late June, but I've already had some wonderful feedback from the legendary editor of the Sunday Times and Times, Harold Evans, who tussled with Murdoch during the mogul's take-over of the paper. He said the manuscript was "lucid, cogent....most impressed by the way (you) grasp the central truth of our institutions to cope with Murdoch."

I've also been making media appearances on BBC, Sky, CNN and Channel 4 News and started writing up the Leveson Inquiry and ongoing Hackgate scandal for Newsweek/Daily Beast. 

Also here's a map by Eric Lewis covering the expansion of the Newspaper holdings of Murdoch's News Corp


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