Friday, 11 November 2011

Wow. The Unbound title becomes more appropriate by the minute, as its been a hectic 24 hours where the team have shown boundless energy, and gone beyond the bounds of duty to launch this new book.

Yesterday I turned myself into a human press pack, and almost faced prison time by protesting outside parliament wearing a Murdoch Ruined My Life board while James gave his second testimony to the DCMS committee. That was followed by an interview with Al Jazeera, and more to come as the Leveson inquiry starts looking at the Hackgate scandal next Monday.

In the meantime we've also set up a blog which contains the last twenty seven Daily Kos diaries

(fothom is a memorable tag and acronym for the book's subtitle Fall of the House of Murdoch)

Unbound. Boundless. Bounds into action


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