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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Happy Xmas season to you all!

Sorry I havent provided any updates for a while, but I'm now right into the very heart of the editing process for the novel with my editor Craig.

It's all going realy well, but incredibly time consuming and very detailed - a real experience for me as we craft and nail one heck of a story.  It's really coming alive now and I'm loving every moment of polishing the manuscript ready for the next stages.

So far, I've adjusted a few points of view of the characters, added another chapter full of action towards the end of the novel (one that my EOD mates will link with), sharpened up some of the characters, changed a few names, and really done a deep dive of plot lines and sub plots.  It's great fun fine tuning it all - and long walks often help me come up with a new gem to add value to the tale.

So, what happens next.  My guess is we'll finish the primary editing process in early January when the manuscript is then passed onto a copy editor who fines tunes grammar, and consistency.  The we go into book cover design and final proof checks before it finally hits the production stage.  Very difficult to guage when that will be but somewhere around March/April I would think.

Big thanks as ever for all the support - Great to have a splendid team behind me on this.  And of course, I can't wait to move onto the second the novel - The Kompromat Kill - which is currently at chapter 11 and a cracking deep plot.

Hope everyone has a great Xmas season and I'll update you all when we get to the next stages.


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