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New Year Edits

Monday, 15 January 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you've all had a cracking start to 2018 and wishing you all a healthy and enjoyable year ahead.

Well, the editing has been tremendous fun !

I'm just in the final throws of completing the structural edit where I have looked at every single scene in the novel to get it polished up.  I've added a few new intersting snippets, the odd couple of words that have huge meaning in the plot, and I now await my second editor to come back from what is called a Beta read.

The Beta read is where she will comment on the pace of the novel, the flow from a reader perspective, any plot confusions, the characters, and some technical comments on what's known as Point of View (POV). That's where you read the scenes as if you are in the cockpit of the character's mind, senses, and eyes. As a new author, suffice to say I've learnt a lot through this process.

Next stage is that the manuscript will go to copy editors in a week's time - and then it's into line by line, sentence by sentence detail.  The aim to creat perfection for the reader experience.  Quite an amazing and very detailed process.

Big thanks too to all of you who came back to me with suggestions of the character I needed a name for - I've chosen one and it's a cracker!

Finally, the picture above is Moscow, a wonderful and gritty city. The novel has it's espionage heart in the city, and spans a few decades of nefarious activity - Then the heart bleeds out through its veins into former soviet union of Central Asia where the racketeering begins, before bringing you back into some wonderful European locations. 

We're getting there and hopefully publication and a launch party in the late spring ! Fingers crossed.

All the best



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