The Failsafe Query

By Michael Jenkins

The Failsafe Query is a Spy and Forensic thriller, telling the tale of Cold War spy intrigue, merged with modern day cyber intelligence.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Latest Update - And an Introduction to the Characters

Well, after a tremendous start we’re doing really well raising the pledges and the supporters – great to see and so many thanks to those who have pledged so far - and a huge thanks for becoming patrons to the publication. Do feel free to promote this project amongst your networks...

I wanted to share a few thoughts in this blog page, and will start with a big thanks to someone before giving you a flavour of one the main characters.

I really must start with thanking one particular guy though who has helped me edit the novel so far. Richard Knowles is a good friend, a fellow Welshman, and an avid rugby aficionado who has helped me shape the novel as well as pointing out the glaring errors on the first edits. Writing is a very lonely art, and without good critical feedback, it’s almost impossible to get a feel for the readers viewpoint – and of course the basic errors that the author cannot see when he reviews his manuscript. Richard has played a blinder for me, as my rugby buddy in the pub, and my critical friend for the book – Big shout out to Rich!

Now onto some of the characters. I’ve listed them here for your delectation. But thought I’d begin with the enchanting Natalie.

‘She was a new breed of spy - Young, educated at Saint Andrews university, intelligent, with a persona of youthful female ambition, and hugely attractive. Now in her mid-thirties, she had been groomed from a young age on her dutiful allegiance to her country, and had spent long periods of time being held back from clandestine intelligence activity until they felt she had developed her career well enough through her British private sector roles - Before finally being channelled into a key government role - and then being made use of.’

Natalie has true personality and charm. She is feisty, diligent, hugely loyal, and incredibly well connected through her family upbringing. Calm, alluring, and cautious, with impeccable tradecraft in spy methodology, she was the perfect hidden agent deep within the establishment and had been carefully groomed as a sleeper agent for almost two decades – before being let off the leash. Her mission was clear and unambiguous and like many sociopaths, nothing would deter her from her goals. She makes a number of appearances in the novel and amongst her London lifestyle, she ingratiated herself into the business and nightclub scenes, gently nurturing her targets before the seeping of information began……How can she succeed with all the barriers placed in front of her? Is it her guile, cunning and impeccable tradecraft that will see her win the day..? Or will her charm play the crux move?

Some more of the novel’s colourful characters are here….& I’m looking forward to bringing them alive in print. Next up, I’ll give you a feel for John - in his Defence Intelligence role of hunting for clues....


Sean Richardson, British Intelligence Officer
Alfie Chapman, Defence Intelligence Officer
Mike, MI5
Melissa Morgan, Investigative Journalist
Dominic Atwood, Director of Homeland Security, Home Office
Waz, SAS Officer
Richard, Ex SAS Commander
General Yuri Yakubov, Uzbek Secret Service
Jonathon Hirst, FCO Ambassador
Billy, FBI & British Police Geo-forensic expert
John, Defence Intelligence Officer
Jane, Military Intelligence Operator
Natalie, Russian Secret Service
Gregory, Russian Secret Service SVR
Liz, Criminal Forensic scientist
Gerhard, Forensic scientist
Phil, Bomb Disposal Explosives expert
Chris, Jim, Bomb Disposal searchers
Edward, FCO Civil Servant
Samantha, GCHQ Liaison Officer

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