The Failsafe Query

By Michael Jenkins

The Failsafe Query is a Spy and Forensic thriller, telling the tale of Cold War spy intrigue, merged with modern day cyber intelligence.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

High stakes Intelligence leaks....

Hope you're all enjoying the summer ! BBQ's, Pimms, and great Lions and Kiwi rugby so far for me !  Holiday soon which always gives me the inspiration to write more....

So great to have you all on board and a big welcome to the recent supporters who have pledged - we're just about at 70% funding which is truly fantastic - and you've all been magnificent in supporting the project and spreading the word across social media - Thanks so much & do please keep plugging it for pre-ordering of the book with family and friends.  Not far to go now!

The second novel is now on chapter 12.  'The Kompromat Kill' is coming along well and very much a tale of modern day Russian collusion, subterfuge and espionage - the likes of which are playing out in the USA at the moment.  Its been great fun shaping it on the same characters as the Failsafe Query.



And now onto the crux of the Failsafe Query - The Intelligence Officer whistleblower.........A quick snippet on the trajectory of this lone sole whose actions lead to the pernicious carnage that ensues - and a hidden legacy - leading to the ultimate reprisal. 

'He had a plan but was it failsafe? And who was leading the query on his intentions?'

Alfie was top of his game. A first class agent who chose to use cyber technology to spy not only on his country's adversaries, but also those of his own political and policing establishment. What he found shook him to the core. His hacking techniques allowed him access to anyone and everyone within the political elite, and coupled with his privileged access rights to the highest grades of compartmentalised intelligence, he could clandestinely gather hidden secrets of immense magnitude. He worked within a highly classified department of HM British Intelligence - But his quarries, one by one, were those who he felt had brought shame on his country - and he was determined to put the 'wrongs' right.  And in so doing, become Britain's most notorius whistleblower.  He was a gregarious man on the outside - but a sad, lonely figure behind the mask. He sought fame and retribution.........But will he achieve it? Will his meticulous planning bring about his own enduring legacy?

Chapter 7 - Canary Wharf

....................‘I know, but I’ve been harvesting some pretty potent stuff from another whistleblower. He's been leaking secrets for many years and has been a thorn in the government’s side ever since he left Russia.’  Alfie explained how he met his main source of classified information and what they had achieved together over the last twelve months, conversing and exchanging data within the 'dark web', a hidden place of internet encryption that allowed them to exchange secrets, with no one able to monitor or trap them.

‘His name is Jonathon Hirst,’ Alfie explained. 

‘OK.  So who is he?  What does he do?’

'Well, let's just say he was close to the heart of the British government as could be possible,' he said. 'But aslo close to other nations minsters too.'

'A double agent?'

'More than that. His missive was deception and pushing disinformation everywhere - for political and financial gain. What he has given me is virulent stuff -  and It's allowed me to target some key people and institutions, way beyond the leads he gave me. And I've finally been able to access their files, mail, and data.' 

'OK, well you need to bloody careful now Alfie. The time is close. Let's discuss this more next time we meet.'..............

They walked out onto the collonade and across the small grassed square, now immersed in searing sunshine. Neither of them saw the suited business man sitting on a bench in the park reading The Times as they left. 


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