The Failsafe Query

By Michael Jenkins

The Failsafe Query is a Spy and Forensic thriller, telling the tale of Cold War spy intrigue, merged with modern day cyber intelligence.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Editorial Process Now Complete

Hi All,

Just a very quick update to you all ……

The manuscript has now been completed by the copy-editor, and is currently being typeset before a proof-reader completes the editorial process.  It’s been fascinating working with such talented editors – and I got some great advice from each of them especially Emma Mitchell (A thriller editor) who completed the beta read.  Most of the editing consisted of advice and suggestions that I then worked on to slowly polish the prose. 

If any of you have ever felt like writing a book, just commit to it - and enjoy the ride!  It’s damned hard work, frustrating, but very invigorating: And a real joy to see it all come to fruition.

Anyway, the book cover design is underway and I’m expecting the first of the ‘concept proofs’ back next week – I’ll then be sharing these with a few of you to get your comments back and thoughts on the designs. 

All this mean that publication should take place sometime towards the end of April or early may – I’m working with Unbound to try and finalise the dates as they are starting to look at the marketing and sales pipelines right now.

Not long to go !…….thanks again for all the support.


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