The Failsafe Query

By Michael Jenkins

The Failsafe Query is a Spy and Forensic thriller, telling the tale of Cold War spy intrigue, merged with modern day cyber intelligence.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

A Killer Deal......

Hi everyone, great to see we have now gone past the 60% mark for funding which is all very much down to you guys and girls for your generous support and huge inspiration you have given me to keep pushing towards that final 100%. We have a great bunch of supporters, from all walks of life, and its been truly inspiring to see each new indiviudal buy the book and be a patron towards its publication.

We are now into the last month or so of raising the pledges - so a big plea from me to you all - to perhaps share the website amongst your own networks with anyone who loves gripping thrillers - to help us all move towards that final target and the next stages of the publication journey - Then we can all begin to think about the launch party whilst I beaver away for many months with the editor and team at Unbound !

Anyway, Its time to introduce you to a hugely intriguing character in the Novel - Melissa.  A friend wrote this of her after he read the 9th draft. 

We'll all be rooting for Melissa as the story unfolds - but what I found fascinating was whether she might be sacrificed for the wider good?  The ethical questions of whether the means justifies the end kept me reading for hours - I found her persona captivating.

In simple terms, Melissa surprises us at every turn. She has attitude. She Is feisty.  An investigative reporter finding herself unwittingly embroiled within a deep fight of good versus evil, whistle-blowers and spies - and confronted by killers and death. Top of her career, never did she expect her calm and outward lifestyle being turned right on its head - forever.

This scene gives a few clues....Melissa is chatting with Sean.

‘Good. Because if you’re going to do this, I’m damned well coming with you whether you like it or not,’  she snapped.  Sean smiled before responding. ‘You know I can't allow that. My role is to get you back safely and that time will come. With me determining when.  These are very dangerous people and we don’t quite know who else may be involved in this tragedy.’

'I’m gonna be part of this whether you like it or not.’  Melissa had an edge to her now and was letting Sean know it.  ‘So, are you any good at this stuff?  I don’t know if I should trust you or get the hell out of here right now. Have you ever had people like this killed? Or made these awful situations occur yourself? Or for me, made them bloody well go away?  Melissa purposefully shot these barbs right into Sean's deep sense of purpose - agitating to see how he would respond.  She began to get more fierce. 

Meanwhile, as I see the pledges grow, it gives me confidence the novel will, after all theses years laying dormant as a manuscript, finally be published. And that in turn, has seen me occasionally heading into my quiet zone (rare) and adding to the second novel, bit by bit - chapter by chapter.  I think you'd all like this one too....


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