New Year Edits

Monday, 15 January 2018

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Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you've all had a cracking start to 2018 and wishing you all a healthy and enjoyable year ahead.

Well, the editing has been tremendous fun !

I'm just in the final throws of completing the structural edit where I have looked at every single scene in the novel to get it polished up.  I've added a few new intersting snippets, the odd couple of words that have…

A Failsafe Xmas to all...

Thursday, 21 December 2017


Hi all,

Hope everyone is well this festive period - Love Xmas!  Great in so many ways. 

Still busy on the editing over the Xmas break but it really is great fun to get into the manuscript line by line - with my editor Craig supporting and advising.  I feel as if I've learnt a huge amount through this process and the second novel shoud be much easier.

Just a quick note to thank you all…

The Failsafe Edit

Thursday, 30 November 2017


Happy Xmas season to you all!

Sorry I havent provided any updates for a while, but I'm now right into the very heart of the editing process for the novel with my editor Craig.

It's all going realy well, but incredibly time consuming and very detailed - a real experience for me as we craft and nail one heck of a story.  It's really coming alive now and I'm loving every moment of polishing…

We did it !

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Failsafe query flyers1

Hi everyone,

We only went and did it!  It's very hard to describe in words how I feel today - a mixture of jubilation, excitement, relief, and of course some nervousness of working with the editor to finalise the manuscript before publication. 

As I have always said, and always witnessed in my working life, teamwork is everything.  I had a dream, an idea, a yearning to write and publish…

Serendipity.......and Reprisal

Sunday, 17 September 2017


Hello everyone,

I Hope you are all well and that you've all had a great summer enjoying whatever holiday breaks you have managed to grab.  Tremendous news......we are now at 84% and the target is now firmly in sight for achieving publication !  A lifetime dream for me, and a cracking story that will finally see the colourful characters come to life.  Thanks so much for the generosity from great…

High stakes Intelligence leaks....

Thursday, 27 July 2017


Hope you're all enjoying the summer ! BBQ's, Pimms, and great Lions and Kiwi rugby so far for me !  Holiday soon which always gives me the inspiration to write more....

So great to have you all on board and a big welcome to the recent supporters who have pledged - we're just about at 70% funding which is truly fantastic - and you've all been magnificent in supporting the project and spreading…

A Killer Deal......

Saturday, 24 June 2017


Hi everyone, great to see we have now gone past the 60% mark for funding which is all very much down to you guys and girls for your generous support and huge inspiration you have given me to keep pushing towards that final 100%. We have a great bunch of supporters, from all walks of life, and its been truly inspiring to see each new indiviudal buy the book and be a patron towards its publication…

On our way - Over 54% Funded....

Friday, 9 June 2017


Hi all, I hope you're all well and safe - I've been away for a short while but now ready to crack on with the remaining hard graft to get the book to 100% !

I'm really pleased that we're now over 52% funded towards the publication of the novel - and as ever a huge thanks to you all for becoming patrons and part of the journey. We're getting there.  

A big welcome too to our most recent supporters…

The road to a query .........

Saturday, 20 May 2017


Hi all, hope everyone is well - we're at 41% this evening and I'd love to see this move onwards beyond 50% soon - Thanks so much for your support and do feel free to share this page link amongst your network and friends.

This time I thought I'd share a short excerpt featuring one of the main characters - Sean.....here it is - enjoy the glimpse of his persona and the troubles brewing....

Some global scenes from the book.....

Sunday, 14 May 2017


Hi everyone & a big welcome to our most recent supporters signing up and pledging.  Big, big thanks to you all as we hit the 39% mark & wonderful to have you on board helping on this journey.  I thought I'd keep you updated with some of the aspects of the book that might be intriguing people.  Always fun to share some of the novel's inner secrets to give a flavour for what will be coming your…

Latest Update - And an Introduction to the Characters

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Well, after a tremendous start we’re doing really well raising the pledges and the supporters – great to see and so many thanks to those who have pledged so far - and a huge thanks for becoming patrons to the publication. Do feel free to promote this project amongst your networks...

I wanted to share a few thoughts in this blog page, and will start with a big thanks to someone before giving…

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Great Start - Big Thanks!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Big shout out, and thanks to all of you who have been the first to pledge support to the book.  It really is great to see. This has been a great start and instills confidence that we can get there! Thank you so much.

I plan to share with you here some thought, insights, and revelations on the journey the book has taken so far - and some of the complexities of both the characters and some background…

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