We're half way to the End of Politicians

Friday, 25 March 2016

Thanks to everyone who has pledged and pre-ordered The End of Politicians - we're half way there in two weeks!

What does that mean? It means that if everyone finds one more person to pledge, then the book will be published! Of course I'm still pushing the word out to all my networks, blogging, and trying to work some social media magic. But word of mouth is, as usual, the best form of promotion. So if you do know one other person who may be interested in the book please give them a call or drop them a message.

These two weeks have been very interesting. First there was the rush of interest that kept the smile on my face, then the inevitable slowing down, and now the harder work of reaching the end. The thrill and anticipation has made these weeks some of the most exciting and nerve-racking weeks of my life. I try desperately not to check the project page every ten minutes to see if there have been any new pledges, and to steer my conversations with everyone and anyone away from this crowd-funding campaign. Often without success.

Of course over half of you are my friends, relatives and acquaintances (thanks!). It's the others that I often think more about: how did you hear about the book? What inspired you to pledge? Are you one of the "converted" or are you highly sceptical of the entire possibility of the end of politicians? Perhaps I'll meet you one day and find out the answers to these questions. Perhaps you'll drop me a message in the comments section below? Or perhaps I'll meet you at The End of Politicians launch party in about six months time? That hope keeps me inspired.


Brett Hennig

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Laura Brown
Laura Brown says:

I think this book will take a totally fresh view of politics and offer a new, effective way of doing things. I heard about this book as a member of Unbound. I found out about Unbound by unwittingly having bought an Unbound published book and then becoming a fan of the idea.

March 30, 2016

Brett Hennig
Brett Hennig says:

Thanks Laura for letting me know how you heard about the book. Hope to meet you one day! Brett

April 04, 2016

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