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Friday, 10 March 2017

Hi! Here's more book-related news:

And finally here's a reminder of the dates of the book tour from March 13-24, and a new Australian date on June 22:

  • Brighton: 7pm Monday March 13 @ The Blue Man Cafe
  • London: 6pm Tuesday March 14 @ Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster: Reinvigorating democracy through random selection
  • London: 7pm Wednesday March 15 @ Housmans Bookshop
  • Bristol: 6pm Thursday March 16 @ Hydra Books
  • Liverpool: 6pm Friday March 17 @ The Brink
  • Edinburgh: 3pm Monday March 20 @ University of Edinburgh: Is it time for a Citizens' Assembly in the Scottish Parliament?
  • Cambridge: 6pm Tuesday March 21 @ Espresso Library
  • Budapest: 7pm Friday March 24 @ Massolit Bookstore and Cafe
  • NEW: Melbourne, Australia: 6:30pm Thursday June 22 @ Readings Bookshop, Carlton



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Martin Knox
Martin Knox says:

I liked the movie. Would sortition bring the best policies for the public good? Isn't the problem the gang-like political parties? Political representatives could represent their constituencies if Edmund Burke's philosophies are rejected. The end of politicians could retain representatives who are delegates.

March 10, 2017

Brett Hennig
Brett Hennig says:

Thanks Martin for the comment. This is an interesting debate. As much as Burke was a deliberative democrat I agree with him: what matters is not opinion, but informed judgement arrived at after discussion and debate. I do not want a strictly restrained delegate to represent me; I want someone who is free to engage in informed deliberation and come to a decision that is influenced by evidence and challenged by discussion with diverse interests... but this is something we should talk about in person! I hope to see you at a book launch event...

March 10, 2017

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