The End Of Politicians

By Brett Hennig

It's time for a real democracy

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The End of Politicians should arrive in February...

The End of Politicians has been edited, the cover design is finished (above) and the book is almost ready for release! The copyedited manuscript has gone back to Unbound (never again will I mix up which and that) and the marketing team have been in touch, with much advice. So now, after following (some of) their advice, you can also connect with me through my website, Twitter feed, LinkedIn and on Goodreads:

(and yes, if I really did everything the marketing team suggested I'd never get off social media).

The next post you receive from me should have a confirmed release date, and the details of UK book-tour in February - something like Cambridge => London => Brighton => Bristol => Liverpool => Edinburgh. Please do get in touch if you want me to swing by your city or town on the way!

I could also mention all the interesting news about politics being done without politicians in Ireland, Australia (Geelong, South Australia, Bendigo), the Netherlands, Portugal, Canada, the US (Oregon, Minnesota) and the G1000 in the UK, but if I started you might never shut me up.

Next stop: release and a book tour!




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