The End Of Politicians

By Brett Hennig

It's time for a real democracy

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The End of Politicians - editing, cover design, and more!

What will The End of Politicians cover look like? A crumbling marble statue called Democracy? Parliament sinking into the Thames? A crossed-out ballot box? These are some of the ideas popping into my head as I've pondered that question for the last month or so. Soon the Unbound designers should get back to me with a couple of their proposals and the final decision will be made. Do you have a good idea? If you do let me know.

The manuscript is now back with the editor for the second time. His response to the first version was very encouraging. Here's my favourite lines from the report:

This is a well-written book with a persuasive argument... a very engaging book, written and expressed with panache and style

It was very pleasing to get words such as these from a professional editor.

If you want a sneak peek at a little more of the book, an edited extract has also been published in the Board Leadership newsletter, here:

New Ways of Looking at Democracy

On OpenDemocracy last week I also had an article about the upcoming use of sortition in Ireland published:

The Irish Citizens' Assembly on abortion: democratisation or dodging responsibility?

Finally, I'll be in Cambridge (UK) on September 24th to help kick off the organising of the first G1000 in the UK. If you want to see the ideas in the book become a reality please come along and help out.

Hopefully the next update will include news of the book's upcoming publication date!


Brett Hennig

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