The Elegant Art Of Falling Apart

By Jessica Jones

Sometimes we have to lose everything to understand this moment is all we have

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Unbound - Your Questions Answered


Q: The Elegant Art of Falling Apart has been published in Australia by Hachette. Why are you now publishing it in the UK with Unbound?

A: During the last couple of years, whilst I wrote the book and watched it go to press, I also watched the publishing industry begin to disintegrate. Bookshops and traditional publishers were collapsing left, right and centre. The music industry went through a similar seismic shift a few years ago. It seems clear to me that in the near future, the book business will look nothing like it has for the past century. Writers can see this either as terrifying or as a fabulous opportunity to innovate. I choose the latter. The way that books are published is changing - but people will always want to read, listen to music and watch movies. So power is shifting to the creators and to the readers, viewers and listeners. The means of production is back in our hands. Unbound is exciting. It's punk!


Q: Why did you choose to publish your book with Unbound rather than self-publishing? 

A: I'm a writer. I like to spend my time sleeping, drinking tea, updating my status on facebook and writing. I don't like to spend my time proof reading, marketing, typesetting, sending out press releases, dealing with printers, shipping and all those thousand-and-one other things that publishers do. Unbound gives me the support that I need, leaving me free to make my book the best it can be. I also like to earn money from my work and frankly, Unbound pay me a much higher royalty than any traditional publisher would.

The Elegant Art of Falling Apart is all about sharing experiences and learning from one another. Unbound's innovative model of publishing allows me to be directly in communication with my readers. I find that inspiring – if also a little daunting. 


Q: How does publishing on Unbound work?

A: Unbound is a subscription-based publisher. Go to, there you will see pitches for a gaggle of books by a gamut of interesting authors. Select the book or books that grab you (I do hope that you will select mine), peruse the pitch, watch the video and read the excerpt from the book. Then pledge to the project that inspires you: £10; £20; £100; £10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000… it’s up to you.

In return for your pledge you will not only get the soul satisfaction of supporting a book that has taken two years of my life and a large chunk of my sanity to write, but you will be personally thanked by the publishers who will inscribe your name into the book for posterity. The more you pledge, the greater your rewards: signed hardbacks; bags of sumptuous natural beauty products; signed flower portraits and afternoon tea with the author are on offer (hey – why stop there?) Of course, your ultimate reward will be in heaven.


Q: I've pledged to The Elegant Art of Falling Apart, does that mean that I am now a publisher?

A: Yes! And thank you.


Q: What do I get for my money?

A: Your name will be immortalised by being inscribed into every copy of every edition of The Elegant Art of Falling Apart. If that's not enough for you, then Unbound also throw in the following:

For £10 - an eBook

For £20 - an eBook and a first edition hardback (beautifully designed and cloth-bound - a future collectors item)

For £30 - an eBook and a signed, personally dedicated first edition hardback

For £50 - an eBook, a signed, personally dedicated first edition hardback and an invitation to join me to discuss love addiction, mascara and other hot-topics-du-jour over a slap-up tea at Lowry & Baker, Portobello Road

For £100 - an eBook and a signed, personally dedicated first edition hardback and a 'Good Glamour' beauty bag containing an essential kit of sublime natural beauty products, recommended by me (minimum value of the beauty bag is £120, so obviously this is an excellent deal)

For £150 - an eBook and a signed, personally dedicated first edition hardback and a signed giclée print of one of my covetable flower portraits

For £200 - an eBook and a signed, personally dedicated first edition hardback, a 'Good Glamour' beauty bag and a signed flower portrait giclée print. What more do you want?


Q: So, when your book gets funded, will it be picked up by a proper publisher?

A: Unbound Is a proper publisher.


Q: Brilliant! What can I do to help?

A: Tweet, share on facebook and tell your friends. This whole thing is so new, most people haven't heard about it yet. The more people subscribe, the more quickly the funding target is met and the sooner you receive your book.

You can also speed things along by pledging at one of the higher levels.


Q: I ordered The Elegant Art of Falling Apart on but I haven't received it yet. What's going on?

A: Unbound uses the crowd-funding model. Once the book is fully funded, it will be printed and sent out to you. Please be patient, I promise it's worth the wait. You can speed things up by telling your friends about it and suggesting that they pledge too.


Q: You're asking me to commit money up front. How do I know that The Elegant Art of Falling Apart will be any good?

A: Well, realistically, can you know that about any book that you haven't read yet? I've sweated, cried, laughed and done my best to write this book. I hope that it is eloquent, funny and real. Please have faith in me.

The Elegant Art of Falling Apart has had excellent reviews in Australia, here's one from Grazia: "...more life-affirming (and funnier) than any self-help book." There are other reviews in my shed and on the facebook page. You can also read excerpts from the book on


Q: I've ordered your book on Amazon. When will it arrive?

A: Never, if you don't pledge for it on

Any more questions? Please ask away.

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Gail Affleck Ward
 Gail Affleck Ward says:

It looks as this is now fully funded - do you have an estimated publishing date?

posted 11th February 2013

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