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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Here's a taste of what's on offer if you pledge for the Tea with Me level.

We will be meeting at my favourite tea shop, Lowry & Baker, on Portobello Road.

Lowry & Baker is run by Katy and Maya (I'm not sure which one is Lowry and which one is Baker) who, beneath their hipster facades, are a pair of genuine born-again grannies. Using seasonal ingredients they cook nearly everything from scratch: piquant chutneys; yummy soups; inventive salads; died-and-gone-to-heaven cakes; melt-in-the-mouth quiches and the best poached eggs in the west. They also have a great eye for eclectic crockery. Fresh flowers adorn the eccentric collection of wooden tables and the whole place is as cosy and homely as a hand-knitted cardie.

I'm looking forward to hearing your views about issues raised in the book, from sex and love addiction to natural beauty products to cancer and diet to wigs and fashion.

But the main event will be tea. Not just a cuppa and a biscuit. No! You will be indulged with Lowry & Baker's finest array of scones, cakes, sandwiches and beverages until you groan and beg for a lettuce leaf.

Lowry & Baker is tiny so places are limited.

Tempted? Sign up for the level!


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luigi belmonte
luigi belmonte says:

I Jessy I'm L Belmonte one of your last supporters of THE ELEGANT ART OF GOING UNDER. I dying to see (perhaps the verb is a little too adequate) where elegance plays its last act. Let's have a laugh. I'm a new writer but not a young writer. At 74 I've yet to do many things although anything is tainted with weird thoughts. Why? What's next? For how long? I'm sure you know the questionnaire by roth. I'm new at Unbound and my books THE BLIND and CLOCK FACE DOWN have yet to be selected. In spite of "the questionnaire" I keep very busy as I believe it's the only answer to all perplexities. You want to have a glimpse on me? You welcome. Open

Enjoy and let me have your book as soon as possible, yours is a book that shouldn't be too late, pleaaaase. Yours Gigi(a nick for my long name)

July 16, 2012

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