The Elegant Art Of Falling Apart

By Jessica Jones

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Sometimes we have to lose everything to understand this moment is all we have

Publication date: July 2013
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About the book

Jessica Jones had a complicated life – booze, cocaine, bad boyfriends, a rollercoaster ride of what self-help writers call ‘opportunities for growth’ – but she found her way through. She rebuilt her career, became prosperous and found a wonderful new man. And then, just when things were almost perfect, she learned she had breast cancer. After seven months of gruelling treatment she began a three-month holiday of a lifetime with her gorgeous man – only to find herself plunged into a different, and totally unexpected life crisis.

The Elegant Art of Falling Apart is a book about learning to ask for and to accept help; about freeing yourself from our culture’s obsession with romantic love and about how looking good really can help you feel good. Above all, it is about the sanity-saving power of laughter and friendship.

"More life affirming (and funny) than any self-help book"

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