The Draftsman

By Laurel Lindström

A brilliant but damaged man – this is the story of his genius, his healing and a forgotten mystery

Friday, 23 August 2019

Thank you to you wonderful people for supporting the Draftsman

Dear All,

Just a quick note to say thank you to all the wonderful people who have pledged to support the Draftsman. I have been deeply touched by the contributions and especially from so many people I haven’t been in touch with in years.

Having droodled about on holiday for three weeks, offline and spending much time in the sea training for the Hydra Swimrun ( and can now swim 1k+ in open ocean) I am thrilled to see that we are at 72% of target. I hope to have news of achieving that final 18% soon, but if you want to help, feel free to up your contribution! I know, cheeky.

In the meantime, my sincere thanks for your support and I hope, when you finally get to read it, that the book doesn’t disappoint.




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