The Draftsman

By Laurel Lindström

A brilliant but damaged man – this is the story of his genius, his healing and a forgotten mystery

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Sitting Comfortably Podcast

Dear All,

I hope everyone is feeling alright and keeping distant. At the Clock Tower, cheese and yoghurt making have kept us busy and our bees are thriving. We have discovered we have masonary bees, which is wonderful. We’ve an immaculate veg garden and have cucumbers sprouting. Isn’t that exciting? Sorry. It really isn’t. I hope your life under lockdown is more interesting.

I have started reading The Draftsman aloud, although it isn’t very loud, in a podcast. And it’s just audio. Once I work up the courage to put on normal clothes again and brush my hair, wash, etc I plan to make it a video.

For now, please have a listen at

The people at Unbound are working on structural edits and we have together decided on a cover design. The publication date is currently planned for the 17th September, and I’ll be holding an online launch event. Work on the next book going well, and we are managing to keep up with the normal work, sort of.

Stay well.



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