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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Rumours of a new Bourne movie?

Bourne to want more

We’re massive fans of the Bourne films. Hooked from the start. The ones with the delectable Matt Damon playing Jason Bourne are my faves and go-to comfort viewing. But there aren’t enough of them for all the comfort we all need these days. There are just five Bourne films and we want more.

Ideally another five would provide a positive mirror for the moral decline that runs through the first five films. Over the course of the five new movies the bad guys in the US dark services would gradually be undermined (it would be a slow burn over five stories). Characters like Pamela Landy and the new girl (sorry, Heather, was it?), would weasel away at the bad ones and their parallels elsewhere. Cue lots of scenes in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, plus Novosibirsk and Siberia, Eastbourne and Weston-super-Mare even.

Jason Bourne, on the loose in Washington DC and Arron Cross, now disappeared somewhere in Asia and played by Jeremy Renner, would have to fix things. They would work in parallel with the evil operatives, as rogues operators, unendorsed, unsupported, cleverly undermining them. The Dr last seen off on a boat somewhere romantic with Arron would provide the evil genius for their plans. But it’s evil genius that is ultimately making good, little by little, bit by bit. They and we would all know, but the evil numpties would not. Team Bourne would be fighting a wicked and corrupt regime at home too, corruption and criminality that goes right to the Oval office. The Bourne people could take this so very far!

There are rumours of another Bourne outing, but no word on the script yet. Persuading the lead players to get involved might not be that hard. But what to call the films?

Here are some suggestions, depending on when the films come out and how the script develops:

         • Bourne in the USA (Springsteen soundtrack)

         • Bourne to be Wild (Animals soundtrack)

         • Bourne on the 4th of July (lots of red, white and blue, pies)

         • Bourne on Christmas Day (thanks Matilda)

         • Bourne Aloft (with bit parts for the Borrowers)

         • Bourne Lucky (Kylie Minogue love interest)

         • Bourne Free (opportunities for lions and locations in Africa)

         • Bourne Vita (much hot chocolate consumed) 


Ho hum.



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