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By Laurel Lindström

A brilliant but damaged man – this is the story of his genius, his healing and a forgotten mystery

Monday, 16 November 2020

Numpty Trumpty wanted a wall

Numpty Trumpty wanted a wall

Numpty Trumpty had a great fall

All the Republicans, Juliani and them

Couldn’t put Trumpty together again!


Your fired

It isn’t keeping his job or not that matters, but what happens next for Donald Trump. A divorce filing is coming closer, the date likely to be nearer to the 20th January than not, when eyes will have shifted to the incoming president. His third divorce after a fifteen year marriage to Melania will be an expensive business for Mr Trump. How expensive depends on the terms of the prenuptial agreement Mrs Trump will have signed. That agreement will also include clauses preventing the woman from saying anything to anyone about her soon to be exhusband. But maybe she keeps a diary that someone might steal, or has confided her experiences someone that she’s forgotten about.

Trump will be looking for a new job, a new platform from which to air his amber vanities. It won’t be on the Apprentice because NBC severed ties with the man following anti-immigrant remarks in 2015. Given the graceless and embarrassing way in which the US President has handled his re-election defeat, he’s probably going to land a gig with some nutty television station. He’ll be able to rant on and on about how the election was stolen from him, how he’s winning in all the legal suits he’s filed (not) and how great the amounts of money coming in from supporters are. The nutty television station will be hoping for massive ad revenues, which of course won’t materialise: very few brands want to be associated with the maniacal orange one, or risk alienating the more than 75 million people who voted for Trump’s opponent.

Money, money, money

How Trump earns a living after January is interesting because he’s got a $400 million debt coming due next year (allegedly), and he’s probably got loads of bills to pay for all those campaign rallies, hats, banners and maybe even bribes. Borrowing from his indebted organisations is not an option so he’ll have to find a lot of cash from elsewhere and soon. It’s likely he will ask his poor followers to stump up for him, and maybe they will. Maybe he’ll start charging for entry to his rallies, in the possibly valid belief that people are desperate for a piece of him. Freakshows have a long and robust tradition in America and Trumptynumpties care nothing for the dignity of the US presidency or of expresidents.

…and the law won

How the lawsuits will play out will depend on how much money Trump’s able to put into pursuing his various litigations. He’ll be relying on supporters for this, but he’ll also need money for researchers to dig up evidence acceptable to an unshackled judicial system. He’s also going to have to spend money on intelligent data mining to explain how fraud could work on a selective basis. If the fraud to steal the presidency from Trump was so comprehensive and effective, something must have gone wrong. It wasn’t only Trump and Biden who were up for election and votes for Congressmen and Senators, went roughly 50/50 to Democrats and Republicans. Either there was a massive fraud that was somehow discriminatory, or there was none, just democracy in action. Perhaps Trump and his court haven’t noticed that conflict.

The party’s over

Debt, divorce, criminal investigations and more humiliation will be hard for a man like Trump to take. Car park rallies and sparsely attended press conferences, not being the centre of attention, not being able to intimidate and bully the Republican elite or high ranking civil servants, will take some getting used to. But that is his future. For sure he won’t fade into oblivion because he’s just too big of a personality and he needs the oxygen of audience. All of us can expect him to continue to entertain us, but now we have no need to fear him as we gawp in disbelief. He is no longer the most powerful man on the planet, and nor is he the most dangerous and this is a huge relief to the rest of us. For inhabitants of the real world he’ll be like a real live version of his Spitting Image puppet: stupid, loud, idiotic, clumsy. For his cult members they won’t notice what a fool he is making of himself and of them; he’ll love it. And the Trumptynumpties’ fantasy world will provide the rest of us with even more to laugh at. In these glum times, that’s the best legacy he can offer.



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Geoffrey Gudgion
 Geoffrey Gudgion says:

If you like doggerel verse about Trump and his elephant-badged Republicans, you might like:

Nelly the elephant had a test
And found she's riddled with co-vid
When they asked her who has she seen
She said 'Trump, Trump, Trump!'

posted 22nd November 2020

Laurel Lindström
 Laurel Lindström says:

This has long legs!

posted 23rd November 2020

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