The Draftsman

By Laurel Lindström

A brilliant but damaged man – this is the story of his genius, his healing and a forgotten mystery

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

New website launched

Thanks to Paul’s sterling efforts we now have a Laurel Lindstrom website:

I’ll be posting a regular blog keeping you informed of The Draftsman’s progress as it moves through the editing and production phases.

I will also be posting new Three Bees stories and other writings there, plus excerpts from The Ashes in the Boot, a story of identity confusion, that is a light hearted and hopefully funny look at what makes us who we are. It isn’t necessarily what we think it is, as we discover with this story.

Do get in touch and check out the Instawig (lindstrom_laurel) and Twitter LAUREL LINDSTROM @LAURELL12182884 thingies. No Facemash yet but working on it. Enjoy! -Laurel.


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