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Wednesday, 11 March 2020

For fans of Hilary Mantel

Dear All,

If you’re keen to read the Mirror and the Light, the final part in the Wolf Hall trilogy about Thomas Cromwell’s life and times, it’s now out and already the UK’s number 1. Buy it! But maybe do a few bicep curls to warm up before you try to read it. It is 904 pages of dense beautifully composed text, in every sense.

Last Friday at the Royal Festival Hall Hilary Mantel was in conversation with Alex Clark, a journalist, and via presubmitted questions, with the audience. It was a wonderful evening, especially the readings from all parts of the trilogy.

Here is a blog post about it if you want to know more: 



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Paul Lindstrom
 Paul Lindstrom says:

Thanks – I have her book and have started it. Brilliant, as expected. /Paul

posted 7th April 2020

Laurel Lindström
 Laurel Lindström says:

Starting it is a good thing. Finishing those 800+ pages might be another! It is marvellously patient as it takes us into Lord Cromwell’s black.

posted 7th April 2020

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