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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Wallace and Selamat

This is going to be my view in a week or two. I'm heading to Borneo, via Bali and Java. It's a family holiday, but I can't go all that way and not think about Alfred Russell Wallace. It's a great excuse to travel upriver on a Klotok on the way to visit Camp Leakey, reading about Wallace's adventures thereabouts in his Malay Archipelago and Peter Raby's biography. It's also a great excuse to revisit one of my personal favourite authors, Redmond O'Hanlon and his Into the Heart of Borneo. It's normally torture deciding on travel reading, but this time it's almost chosen itself, because of these two adventurers, plus I sorted through some books in my reading pile* recenty and found several duplicates. That means I can read them and then use a book swap, something I'm usually loathed to do, because I always want to keep a copy of each book. Now I can have my cake, and read it. 

Take care and let's meet up again here in a month's time. SELAMAT TINGGAL.


Here are some of the the titles I'm taking,

*it's actually a walk-in cupboard (Edinburgh "box room"), with a couple of hundred unread books. I just need to find time. 


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