The Writer's Dream

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

It's likely a romanticised version of the writer's lot, to dream of feted launches, wined agents, and lazy lunches. Romanticised maybe, but it's what I crave, and what's life without ambition? Meanwhile, I prostitute my wares openly on any market that will take them, and hope to reach the shorter-term target of 100% funding for the DISSENT OF MAN. Platitudes aside, with your help, yes we can.

The excitement mounts as we verge on 50%. Our prize is automatic entry into a prize draw, for a Darwin bust, like this,

It's the best likeness of the old man that I've seen - something about that venerable brow. You can read more about this special edition here:

The second 50% is another ballgame entirely (well, half of one), but it is downhill, and the final furlong, [insert other motivational phrases, Ed.], and there will no doubt be more goodies up for grabs. 

Remember, every percentage takes  us closer to publication! [Remember to stay focussed Derry, Ed.]

JF Derry, Edinburgh. 06-08-13



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