The Dissent Of Man

By JF Derry

Exploring the influence of Darwin on everyone: atheists, Christians, biologists and entrepreneurs

Monday, 8 August 2022

Some Darwin-related Distractions

Hello Dear Readers,

as ever, apologies for the delay in getting the DISSENT OF MAN into your hands. I'm reliably informed that edits are going well, and it's taking a long time because ... well, it's a big book, with big names, on a big topic. Whilst waiting, I haven't been idle, but instead, I've been taking a look at some historical aspects of evolutionary thought and their related historiography: you may find them an interesting distraction. Meanwhile, I hope to get back to you soon, with an estimate of time to publication. 

  • Dagg, Joachim L. and Derry, J. F. (2022) Patrick Matthew’s synthesis of catastrophism and transformism. Notes and Records: the Royal Society Journal of the History of Science. [in press
  • Derry, J. F. (2022) The Role of Expertise in Discovery. Comment on “Sutton and Griffiths (2018). Using Date Specific Searches on Google Books to Disconfirm Prior Origination Knowledge Claims for Particular Terms, Words, and Names. Social Sciences 7: 66” Social Sciences 11, no. 7: 289.
  • J F Derry, Joachim L Dagg (2020) The Origin of Specious: misunderstandings about Patrick Matthew’s evolutionary thinking. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Volume 131, Issue 3, November 2020, Pages 706–715.
  • Joachim L. Dagg & J. F. Derry (2020) Charles Darwin did not mislead Joseph Hooker in their 1881 Correspondence about Leopold von Buch and Karl Ernst von Baer, Annals of Science, 77:3, 349-365,
  • 2016-present web: EVIDENCE & REFUTATION

Please let me know of any difficulties you experience accessing these links, and feel free to share  your thoughts and comments, etc.

Best wishes, 


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Mark Vent
 Mark Vent says:

Hope all is well with you Julian - looking forward to the book - enjoying these 'mini-sodes' ;) in the mean time!

posted 8th August 2022

JF Derry
 JF Derry says:

Cheers Mark. Your long-term constancy always appreciated.

posted 8th August 2022

Matthew Searle
 Matthew Searle says:

Any update?

The book went into editing in April 2022 so some idea of timeline would be good. Seven months in editing seems like it should be coming to an end?

It's been a decade since I backed the project so an update on where we are would be great.

posted 5th November 2022

JF Derry
 JF Derry says:

Hi Matthew, thank you for your request and perseverance. All I can report is that I have asked for an update from Unbound.

posted 13th November 2022

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