Richard Dawkins Clip 2

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


More from our chat. This on Darwin's writing prowess. 

Clip here:

Richard Dawkins Clip 2

Transcript here:

"I had the great privilege of reading “The Origin ...” aloud for  CD, for recording, so I had to abridge it, and I had to read it extremely thoroughly to abridge it, and then also every sentence I read extremely thoroughly to get the exact sense so that when I read it aloud, I got the emphasis exactly right. And I felt it was a huge privilege, because when you open Darwin and start reading him, you do feel you’ve being ushered into the presence of a great intellect, and just about every sentence, the feeling that he’s really, really anxious to be understood. None of this pretentious messing about that tries to impress people, he really, really wants to be understood because he’s got something utterly important to say."

Plenty more audio and quote extracts to come, but please do try to get your friends, colleagues and family to support this book. We still have some way to go.

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